Outdoor living spaces: Outdoor furniture choices made easy

by Middleton Realty, Inc. 01/29/2023

When it comes to enhancing outdoor living spaces, outdoor furniture choices can make all the difference. But what is the best way to choose outdoor furniture?

With so many variables and options involved, selecting the perfect furnishings can seem like an ordeal. Luckily, there are some simple ways you can get started.

Here is a guide to help you choose the best outdoor furniture:

Start with the necessities

Before you get carried away with design ideas, take a moment to consider your list of must-haves for your outdoor space. To begin, think about what activities or purposes you want your outdoor space to serve.

Do you want to have an outdoor dining area for entertaining guests? Or would you prefer to make a private, cozy place for solo relaxation? These questions can help you figure out what outdoor furniture should be at the top of your list.

For example, an outdoor dining table and set of chairs is a perfect starting point for designing an entertaining space, while luxurious lounge chairs might be better suited for a personal zen oasis.

Opt for easy-care materials

Choosing the right materials for your outdoor furniture is crucial to keeping your outdoor upgrade budget-friendly in the long term. Easy-care materials like metal, teak, cedar and all-weather cane or wicker are great choices for outdoor furniture that will last the test of time and weather.

For fabrics, pick cushions with removable covers you can easily place in the washing machine. You can also use moisture-resistant and weather-treated fabric options to help prevent mildew.

Want to shield your furniture from the rain or harsh sun rays? Add a stylish patio umbrella made to withstand the elements to preserve your outdoor seating and more.

Ultimately, your outdoor space is yours to design as you wish. However, knowing how to decide on the right outdoor furniture will jumpstart your design project and help you show your personal style. Whether you want to gather around a fire pit, share delicious meals with an outdoor dining set or curl up with your favorite book in the shade, the right furniture will make all the difference.

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