Black and white decoration: Tips for designing a black and white room

by Middleton Realty, Inc. 02/26/2023

Black and white decoration is a timeless staple of interior design. Many designers love this combination for its simplicity, elegance and high contrast. While it might seem simple to design a room based on black and white, there are some basic guidelines to help you create the perfect aesthetic. Here are some ideas for creating an inspiring black and white space:

Explore different shades

While it might seem like black and white are self-explanatory color options, there are a variety of shades to work with. Different shades of white, for example, can have undertones of pink, blue, green or brown. Black can vary in saturation and finish, sometimes appearing as a different color entirely. Play with these differences to create an interesting and harmonious aesthetic.

Focus on texture

When working with a limited color palette, texture is crucial. Use a mixture of textures on furniture, finishes, textiles and accessories to keep the space dynamic. Some examples of different black textures include matte black metal fixtures, shiny subway tiles and velvet. For white, try linen sheets, sheepskin rugs, cotton and thick-knit blankets.

Experiment with graphics & patterns

Another simple way to design an excellent black and white room is by playing with patterns and graphic motifs. Stripes, plaids, geometric patterns, and floral motif all work well in a black and white palette. If you prefer solid colors to prints and patterns, add in small amounts of aesthetic interest with throw pillows and other accessories.

Add warmth

A black and white scheme might seem cold and sterile. However, with the right amount of warmth and coziness, you can make a black and white design comfortable and chic. Some simple ways to achieve warmth in a black and white design are by incorporating natural wood and proper lighting. Wood furniture and accessories can make the space feel organic rather than clinical. For lighting, focus on soft, diffused lighting to avoid harsh glare. As long as you are careful with your task and ambient lighting, you can achieve a comfortable black and white ambiance.

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